Pay Now – Stay Later

The current pandemic is putting all of us around the world on a standstill. Its devastating effects are felt to the vast majority of us. Businesses and livelihoods are shattered especially those in the tourism industry. We here at Kamp Aninipot is one of the many who are feeling it. We will hang on as much as we can and we will never go down without a fight. We are not only fighting for own survival but we are also fighting for our employees and their families whom we valued so much.

We believe that small and medium businesses play a big role in keeping our local economy running. Because of that we created a special promo, pay your booking now in advance for a huge discount and stay later. The business that we generate at this time will surely help us stay open. This promo gives you the flexibility with your booking. You can cancel and rebook as many times as you can for free. Please note that reserving on a specific date is a first come-first serve basis. This pandemic will be over soon and when the time comes for us to get out of quarantine for some fresh air we want to make sure we are still around for you.  

Contact us now at 0975-626-9710 to find out more.