Where are we
Sitting at the top of Tacdog Hills, in the town of Siquijor is a magnificent site that offers a beautiful and serene environment; a peaceful place to retreat and unwind from life’s daily grind. Overlooking Siquijor Bay, this 3.9 hectares is nothing but perfect for camping, recreation, and relaxation. It is about 2 kilometers from the town of Siquijor, Siquijor, Philippines, and is close to some of the most beautiful beaches you can find in the island.

Who  are we
We are proud children of Siquijor who see the fast development of tourism in our island as a great opportunity and at the same time a huge challenge. We will form partnerships and build relationships in the communities around us to explore and collaborate. We are here to promote, preserve, and protect our beloved island of Siquijor.

What we do
We own and operate the first campground in Siquijor, Philippines dedicated primarily to camping and camping related activities like mountain biking and trail walking. We offer affordable and unique accommodation in our hobbit huts and treehouse.

Why we named it Kamp Aninipot?
It has been said that the fireflies gave an eerie glow at night that caught the attention of the non-native visitors to come to this island. These fireflies are called “aninipots,” in Cebuano language. We would like to think that these lovely creatures were responsible for opening our island for the world to see its beauty and discover its mystery. We named this campground Kamp Aninipot in honor of those special creatures and to also remind us of how they caught the attention of our early visitors many years ago to set foot in our beloved island.

Siquijor island is very rich in history and has intrigued so many people – from the Spanish colonizers hundreds of years ago to our modern-day adventurers. So, would it be safe to say those fireflies or “aninipots” played a very important role in Siquijor’s history? In our humble opinion, yes! The “aninipots” gave Siquijor the appearance of being on fire, thereby earning the moniker, Isla de Fuego.

Today, we can still see swarms of “aninipots” in Siquijor, and even if their numbers may be dwindling they still continue to mesmerize people both young and old. The people of Siquijor continue to exhibit the many characteristics and symbolic meanings of the lightning bug or “aninipot.” We inspire, we give hope and heal, and we have that inner glow within us that illuminates the world around us.

We welcome you to Siquijor and experience the true Siquijodnon hospitality. Experience Siquijor mornings, capture its sunsets, explore, and find out why it’s called the “Mystique Island.” We love and respect this island, and we are sure you will also feel the same too!