Kids Zipline

Our Kids Zipline is now available for children weighing up to 40 kilograms.  For only 100 pesos/rider, your child will have unlimited number of rides. This is another first in Siquijor!

Zipline Kamp Aninipot

Mini-wall Climb

We are offering another great feature here in Kamp Aninipot just for our children to learn how to love the outdoors! The first wall climb in Siquijor built just for kids.

Mini-Wall Climb

Donato Hilltop Hall

This covered multi-purpose hall is perfect for simple celebrations and gatherings. to our campground, we are hoping that we can now cater to the growing demand for business and family occasions in the island. Contact us for if you

Multi-purpose Hall Kamp Aninipot

Bonfire/Campfire Pits

We have a common bonfire area for all our guests to gather around and share a story or two. A perfect location to make friends and acquaintances over a roasted marshmallow. Our hobbit huts have individual campfire pits for little privacy for our guests. These huts are ideal for families with little children.



Common toilets and showers (cold only) available – centrally located inside the campground.

Grill Station

Love to grill? We have a grill station built just for you for free. Basic grilling supplies can be purchased here at the camp.

Sunset Cafe @Kamp Aninipot

Siquijor mornings are better with coffee or tea. Or beat the summer heat with a halo-halo, it comes with a gorgeous view of Siquijor Bay. How about our home-made burger patties for our hamburgers. Did we mention fries? We also serve simple meals like grilled chicken and refreshments right here in our mini-snack bar. You may call/text ahead to pre-order  at 0975-739-8553.



Giant Picture Frame

Capture the moment and put it on a frame or in this case the whole magnificent view of Siquijor Bay.

Picture Frame Kamp Aninipot

Flying Bike

When you have to leave the island in a hurry use your bike not your broom!

Flying Bike

Mountain Bike/Walk Trail

Kamp Aninipot’s mountain bike trail phase 1 is now complete and open! This mountain bike trail will introduce bikers who wanted to give mountain bike riding a try a set of challenges and small victories. Great for beginners to give them enough challenges and opportunities to learn the very basics of mountain bike riding before hitting the big trails of Siquijor.

Kamp Aninipot Mountain Bike/Walk Trail

Watch out for our mountain bike trail phase 2 which will open in the summer of 2018.


Please leave us  a note below if you have any questions. Thank you!