Island Attractions

This tiny island of Siquijor has so many little things to offer. In fact there are still so many rustic beaches, water falls, and caves if one is looking for a great adventure. We have compiled some of the many places that one can go and visit. Our location is not very far from these places and because of the island’s size, renting a motorbike is the cheapest and easiest way to do it as long as you have a driver’s license.

Historic/Man-made Attractions

  • St. Isidore Church and Convent – designated as a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines • built in 1884
  • Butterfly Farm –  5 hectare botanical garden • guided tour • it claimed to have two species found only in Siquijor
  • Capilay Spring Park – long spring pool • good for swimming on hot summer days • favorite by locals


  • Cambugahay Falls – refreshing water • multi-layered falls • swing on a vine  • natural jumping platform
  • La-gaan Falls – swing on a vine or jump off • has a small cave • refreshing water
  • Lugnason Falls – perfect for relaxation and be with nature nature • cold and refreshing water • swimming or jumping off a cliff


  • Mt. Bandilaan – highest mountain in Siquijor • offers 360 view of the island • site of healing festival
  • Tubod Marine Sanctuary –  snorkeling and diving • seven hectares of protected coral marine biodiversity
  • Balete Tree -old but strong mysterious old tree • dip your feet into the spring for a foot spa
  • Cantabon Cave – guided tour for safety • spelunking down a few hundred meters • rock formations


  • Salagdoong Beach – crystal clear waters • cliff diving vs 20 or 33 ft diving platforms • swimming • great weekend getaway
  • Paliton Beach  – secluded white sand beach  with crystal clear water • known as the “Little Boracay
  • Kagusuan Beach – rustic • beautiful white sand beach • quiet • probably the island’s best kept secret
  • Siquijor Port Side  Beach – family fun • beautiful white sand beach • swimming

Design Your Own Tour

Design your own tour. Yes, it’s your time, your money, and for the love of Mike, it’s your own vacation!  We are giving you the freedom to make your own choices as to where you spend your time. Even if you want to visit your friend’s house! That’s right. We are committed to make this happen as long as it’s safe for everybody.

To make it a little easier, we’ve divided these attractions into categories to help you plan your vacation well. Please scroll down below to find the places you want to visit.

You’ll find a range of various other activities to partake in as well—activities for groups, or the whole family. Spend a day at the beach, tour around the island, go spelunking, or explore the mountainside hiking or mountain biking. Whatever you want, we can help you have a great time in Siquijor.

Nobody wants to rain on their vacation, right? If it does, you can still go to some of the local restaurants and bars and find some time to know the island more.

Start designing your tour NOW!

  • Pick three – four attractions you wanted to visit.
  • Give us 48 hrs to give you our feedback and recommendations.
  • If everything goes well, your tour should be set in a week.