KA Riders Club

Welcome to KA Riders Club – a free-membership club to all mountain bikers or bikers here in Siquijor and neighboring places. This is your mountain bike trail, your home trail, your playground! A place to enjoy the beauty of mountain biking and stay fit. A place for young riders to learn from the experienced riders and for the experienced riders to hone their skills.

Benefits of being a registered member:

  • FREE use of mountain bike trail
  • Possible full/partial sponsorship to racing events
  • Discounts to events organized by the campground

As a KA Riders Club member, you are expected to:

  • Respect all riders
  • Respect the campground trail
  • Respect nature

Come and join us here at Kamp Aninipot for fun and to stay fit. Please use the form below to register.

Thank you!