Partner with us

We are looking for individuals and businesses who would like to partner with us as we now open our doors to the public. We believe in sharing opportunities to the local community and the rest of Siquijor island.

The aphorism “a rising tide lifts all boats” may hold true among our family and friends. We believe that there are plenty of opportunities to go around, and together we will realize the full potential of these possibilities.

We are very excited to open this campground in Siquijor. And to make sure your camping experience and your vacation memorable, we would need all the help we could get. Below is a list of the businesses that we would like to form partnerships and to co-promote with. These are the following service providers that we are looking to partner with:

  • Transportation – to provide transport services to various points in Siquijor
  • Laundry – to provide laundry services to our guests with pick-up/drop-off option
  • Food Catering – to provide food catering services to our guests celebrating birthdays, baptism, etc.
  • Tour guides – to accompany our guests and show them what the island is like

Please leave us a note and identify yourself and line of business with contact information.