Capilay’s Long Lost Fairytale

Once upon a time, during Tugga Sam and Takadog’s recreation of the new world, there was a very beautiful lady named Kapilay who lived near a spring. She had a very long hair with silky white skin and eyes that sparkle in blue shades and velvety red lips that bring sunshine whenever curled in a smile. She always wear white dresses that shine like silver glitters and flowers in her ear. Her home was the spring that Ba’alte the dwarf had provided for her, for she was his only daughter whom he cherishes so much. She was the perfect definition of beauty, a living jewel that many young men would sought for. And speaking of young men, this lady had captured the eyes of King Kihod. When the three men Tugga Sam, Takadog and King Kihod were taking a walk around the island to look at the world they had newly recreated, they found her bathing in the spring. Her bare back glistened in the moonlight and reflected the eyes of King Kihod. King Kihod’s heart had been moved by the sight of her, and that moment, love was born. The next day, Ba’alte brought Kapilay along and she appeared before King Kihod like a sparkling gem, so beautiful that it made his heart beats faster than usual. King Kihod later asked for her hand in marriage and wanted to make her his queen.

Kapilay happily agreed for she had fallen for him also and they got married in the hills where they watched the sun set among the horizon under the colorful canvas of the afternoon sky. They kissed in the sunset, ready to face the happy times that are coming for them in the near future. However, their happiness was short-lived, for Lady Ingkanta had appeared once again to plot revenge against King Kihod. Since she had no power that match against his, she decided to come after her wife instead. She cursed Kapilay and brought draught all over the island that even Ba’alte the dwarf could not summon enough water to supply the land. Water was scarce and many people were thirsty. Even the trees were dying. Lady Ingkanta had said to King Kihod one night that if he wishes to get back all of the island’s water, he has to sacrifice her wife as an offering. But King Kihod and Ba’alte would not let it happen.

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So the island faced the strike of death, which Kapilay had felt deeper in her heart. She was so sad at seeing the water gone and people suffer that she finally decided to sacrifice herself. She didn’t let his husband and father knew and only left a note to them as they were asleep. She went to the spring where she lived before. The spring had dried out already and water was nowhere in sight. Tears streaked down her face and asked Lady Ingkanta to take her life. She disappeared like smoke and never appeared again. King Kihod wasn’t able to save her but Kapilay had saved the lives of the people.

Once again, springs were filled by fresh underground water and the whole island was overflowing with life. While people rejoiced, King Kihod was grieving. He missed her and everyday he went to the hills where they got married to watch the sunset, for the sunset reminds him of her, blazing like fire. The people near the spring where Kapilay once lived were also sad but somehow the spring reminded them of her. They named the spring Kapilay and was later called Capilay. They said that the spirit of Kapilay still lingers in the spring and made the waters flowing all the time.