How far are you from Siquijor Pier? Larena Pier?

  • We are less than 2 kilometers from the Siquijor Pier and 10 kilometers from Larena Pier.

Do you provide pick-ups/drop-offs of guests?

  • We can arrange transportation for you through dozens to operators in the island. Please note that they have different pricing rates.

Is it accessible by motorbikes or cars?

  • Yes, our campground is very accessible by motorbikes or cars. Please be careful if you’re riding a motorbike. You can also park your motorbike and walk for about 100 meters to reach our viewing deck and Donato Hilltop Hall.

Do you sell food at the campground?

  • Yes, we do sell simple meals like grilled chicken or pork.  We also have halo-halo, burgers, fries, and shakes.

How about beer?

  • We apologize but we are a No Alcohol & No Smoking campground.

Is there an entrance fee?

  • Yes, we ask for 10 pesos entrance fee.

Is there a toilet/shower inside the hut?

  • No. Our toilet/showers are located outside of the huts but they centrally located in the campground.

Can I bring my own tent?

  • Yes, you may. You just have to pay for the tent pad.

Can we cook in the campground?

  • Absolutely yes! This is a campground and we have a BBQ grill that you can use for free.

Are your huts air-conditioned?

  • No, only electric fans.

Is it safe there especially at night?

  • Siquijor is a relatively peaceful place, but for peace of mind we hired a security personnel to keep us company in the evenings.