Are there really fireflies or aninipots to watch at night?

  • No. It is just a name that we used for this campground in honor of the fireflies or aninipots and to also remind us of how they caught the attention of our early visitors many years ago to set foot in our beloved island.

How far are you from Siquijor Pier? Larena Pier?

  • We are less than 2 kilometers from the Siquijor Pier and 10 kilometers from Larena Pier.

Do you provide pick-ups/drop-offs of guests?

  • We can arrange transportation for you through dozens to operators in the island. Please note that they have different pricing rates. Please call or text 0975-621-7225 or 0975-626-9710 to assist you. You may also email kampaninipot@gmail.com or use messenger for any questions.

Is it accessible by motorbikes or cars?

  • Yes, our campground is very accessible by motorbikes or cars. Please be careful if you’re riding a motorbike. Our campground is located on top of the hills and which could be stressful to some who are not used to riding a motorbike up/down steep hills!

Do you sell food at the campground?

  • Yes, we do sell simple meals like grilled chicken or pork.  We also have halo-halo, burgers, fries, and shakes.

How about beer?

  • We apologize but we are a No Alcohol & No Smoking campground.

Is there an entrance fee?

  • Yes, we ask for 10 pesos entrance fee.

Is there a toilet/hot-shower inside the hut?

  • No. Our toilets/hot-showers are located outside of the huts but they centrally located in the campground.

Can I bring my own tent?

  • Yes, you may. You just have to pay for the tent pad.

Can we cook in the campground?

  • Absolutely yes! This is a campground and we have a BBQ grill that you can use for free.

Are your huts air-conditioned?

  • Yes, we now have 3 air-conditioned huts. So, make your reservations now!  We have plans to upgrade some of the huts in the future.

Is it safe there especially at night?

  • Siquijor is a relatively peaceful place, but for peace of mind we hired a security personnel to keep us company in the evenings.

How about Wi-fi?

  • Yes, we do have free Wi-Fi to our paying guests.