Road network completed

Kamp Aninipot is moving forward with its plan to open the first campground in Siquijor with last week’s completion of the road network inside the 1.8 hectares where tent sites will mostly be located and a mountain trail for beginners, however, given the orientation of the slopes and dips, even a seasoned rider might find it challenging. The remaining 2.1 hectares of this campground has no definite plans yet but a continuation  of the mountain bike trail will traverse in this part of the camp for our mountain bikers and runners who are looking for fun and some adrenaline rush.

You can take your vehicle with you to the campsite or you can take a nice walk up to the peak of the campground. We will have a designated parking spot for campers. Once you reached the top you then can experience sunsets like this photo below.This spectacular view of  Mt. Talinis of Negros Oriental, a popular hiking destination located a few kilometers from Dumaguete city is one of the many beautiful sights you can see from the campground.

Mt. Talinis viewed from Kamp Aninipot