Hobbit Huts in Siquijor

When one mentions a “Hobbit house,” what usually comes to mind is the Lord of the Rings franchise with its scenic location, the Hobbiton movie set in New Zealand. Meanwhile, Siquijor also has some more exciting stories to tell. While New Zealand holds the original Hobbit houses, Kamp Aninipot plans to build its own Hobbit-inspired … More Hobbit Huts in Siquijor

We’re digging it!

Yes, we are digging it! Led by Jim Calunod, his group is slowly working with their light hand tools to build a mountain bike trail around the 1.8 hectares part of the campground. These are not professional trail builders and probably none of them tried riding a mountain bike before in a trail, but they … More We’re digging it!

Inside road network

Just when you thought you are done with climbing, there’s still a little more ways to go. About 150 meters more from the top of your initial climb is the peak of Kamp Aninipot. Once completed, this road network will give you access to the peak of the campground where you can see the magnificent … More Inside road network

Making progress

After a few days of hard work under the sweltering heat, we now have an access road to our planned campground in Tacdog, Siquijor. This is a great climb to the top but the reward is worth it. There are a few words to describe this place as you reached the top and one of … More Making progress

We’ve broken grounds

The island of Siquijor will soon have its first campground as Kamp Aninipot broke grounds to begin construction of its right of way. This earth moving machine below will crawl up to 100 plus meters to clear a pathway  for our guests to enjoy and experience. .