Laying out the foundation

We are laying out the foundation for our facilities and amenities at Kamp Aninipot. In the next months, Siquijor will have its first family-friendly campground. Our dedicated and trusted workers under the leadership of Rene Boncales are doing what they can under the heat of the sun for us to enjoy this beautiful place in the days to come for camping or just to simply relax.

On this site will rise our ferrocement water tank which will hopefully supply our campers’ needs. Water is an issue all around the world and Siquijor island is no exception. Kamp Aninipot had tried hard to find ways to find a good source for water but our efforts didn’t end up too well. The neighboring communities of Ibabao, Cang-isad, and Panlautan in the municipality of Siquijor are also looking for a sustainable water supply for its people for years now. These are wonderful people who simply needed a little help from our the local government if not the national government.

We weighed all our options and since we can’t find an answer around us, we decided to look up and plan to harvest rainwater as much as we can. It’s a bold move and a gamble that we are willing to take. We are probably the only campground business that will be praying for rain!

Maybe in the next few years our local community leaders will find a good solution to help the people in this part of the island ease the burden of getting one of the most basic things in life, water. Kamp Aninipot will continue to promote awareness and will participate in finding solutions to this issue. Let’s have a civil discussion about this issue that affects us. Share #SiquijorH2O and be a part of the solution.