Pandemic, Odette, Siquijor, and Tourism

Years into the pandemic and a little glimmer of hope was in the horizon to an island so heavily dependent (lately) on tourism until it was hit by a vicious typhoon Odette. It was almost unreal for a lot people in the Visayas area and some parts in Mindanao that this could happen.

Some parts of the region were badly devastated and a few properties in Siquijor were destroyed but for the most part we are grateful that nobody got hurt and the damages we incurred in the campground were manageable although financially painful.

Now, we are slowly rebuilding and learning to live in the new normal post-pandemic. We are hopeful that with the island re-opening to tourists again we can slowly get back on our feet.

The photo above was taken after the typhoon. It’s one of the 3 hobbit houses and number 15th of our accommodations. This hobbit house has its own private shower and toilet and has an AC unit for comfort especially on those hot Siquijor summer days. We are hoping we can get her ready soon.

While Odette’s contribution was not welcomed as the country is still dealing with the pandemic and its severe economic toll, it has given us an opportunity to remind ourselves of how strong and resilient we are.

To our friends, we are still here and we will continue to be your humble abode and a welcoming place to weary travelers like you in Siquijor.

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