Becoming a Hobbit and chance to stay for FREE

We are so excited to have you guys around on September 22, 2024! As the world celebrates, we should also celebrate with them here in Siquijor and thought that this would be a great yearly event for all of us to enjoy and have a bigger celebration and gathering in our campground every three (3) years.

Our three (3) year celebration is by invitation only because of our limited space and also because we wanted it to be an intimate and memorable to our friends and community partners. Anybody who stays for a night on International Hobbit Day can join us in our yearly celebration and will be included in our lottery list to join our grand celebration. We will pick five (5) winners every year starting September 22, 2022!

These five (5) winners will then now have a secure spot during our main celebration in 2024 and stay for free.

So, what are you waiting for? Book now to secure your hobbit hut or hobbit house for this year’s International Hobbit Day. Who knows you could win a FREE stay and join our grand celebration on September 22, 2024!

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