Siquijor Celebrates with the Middle Earth World 2024

Walk with Us into the Future

INTERNATIONAL HOBBIT DAY: September 22, 2024 Friday 

PRESENT DAY: September 22, 2024

After 7+ years of keeping our doors open, today September 22, 2024 we celebrate our victory and share our stories since we broke ground.

Our day will start with a thanksgiving mass offering at Donato Hilltop Hall at 10:00 am followed by an early lunch and a simple program for our friends to have a chance to share their stories. A short film showing how we slowly transformed this part of Siquijor into a beautiful and serene place for people to enjoy.

Lots of activities and games for the kids to enjoy. Face painting, inflatable balloon jumps, arts and crafts, and more! As promised a few years ago, we have our local acoustic band to serenade us during most of the day while you guys are enjoying each other’s company or just simply relaxing.

We will reserve our hobbit houses and huts to pre-selected friends for a night for them to experience spending a night at the campground and hanging out with fellow hobbits.

Link: Becoming a Hobbit and stay for FREE

The past few years were never easy. There were moments of doubts and uncertainties leading into the opening of the campground. There were challenges and painful moments, but at the end of the day everything seemed to work just fine. Great lessons were learned and we are getting stronger as time goes by.

And remember 2019 and that Covid thing? Yes, those were troubled times and yet we are here in 2024 celebrating life and our victories and accomplishments.

Kamp Aninipot is very proud of the sons and daughters of Siquijor who showed faith and courage and belief that our beloved island and its people for whatever their endeavors, purpose, and vision – they too can be accomplished. The support from our family and friends, and the cooperation and partnerships we have made in the community is our solid foundation and it remains strong.

Looking forward to seeing you again in the next big celebration three (3) years from now!


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