Road right of way

Clearing for the road right of way will undergo tentatively next week for Siquijor’s first campground. With a good elevation off the barangay road of Tacdog, Siquijor – this road stretches up to 102 meters going north until you reach the peak of the mountain. This road will be wide enough that campers can take their vehicles with them. There will be designated parking spot for each tent site or cottage.

Probably one of the greatest inventions our island country ever benefited is the “roll-on/roll-off (RORO), especially to the our modern day adventurers who wanted convenience and would like to take their vehicles with them. Traveling between Siquijor and Dumaguete City has never been easier because of the daily trips provided by some of these shipping companies.

Image Courtesy of Roy Lines


So, load up your car and get your kids ready. Pack a tent or rent one and explore the beauty Siquijor island has to offer. Enjoy our beautiful white beaches and then retire for the night roasting marshmallows in an open fire.

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