Embark on an Enchanting Journey to Our Hobbit Huts in Siquijor

When someone mentions a “Hobbit house,” it’s not uncommon for thoughts to wander to the Lord of the Rings franchise and its picturesque Hobbiton movie set in New Zealand. However, Siquijor, our beloved island, has its own exciting story to tell. While New Zealand may hold the original Hobbit houses, at Kamp Aninipot, we have embarked on a journey to create our own Hobbit-inspired huts, right here on Siquijor’s stunning shores.

The groundwork has already been laid, quite literally. The holes have been carefully carved out, and we stand on the cusp of bringing these enchanting Hobbit huts to life. Each “Hobbit hut” has been meticulously designed to provide cozy accommodation for two occupants, with ample room for a third if you’re traveling with friends or family.

But where do these magical huts find their place on our island? Take a look at the map below; it may not be “Middle-earth” according to J. R. R. Tolkien, but it’s Kamp Aninipot’s very own layout of Siquijor’s first family-friendly campground. Along the road, you’ll discover fifteen whimsical “Hobbit huts” awaiting campers and travelers like you, offering a restful haven amidst the natural beauty of Siquijor Bay.

Here at Kamp Aninipot, we believe in turning dreams into reality. Our Hobbit huts are a testament to the magic that can be found when imagination and determination unite. So, whether you’re a fan of hobbits, a lover of nature, or simply seeking an unforgettable escape, our Hobbit huts in Siquijor are ready to welcome you on an enchanting journey. Come and be part of our story, where dreams take shape, and adventures unfold.

Map Kamp Aninipot

Our enchanting “Hobbit huts” offer more than just a cozy night’s sleep; they provide the perfect setting for unforgettable evenings. Each hut comes complete with a fire ring, inviting our guests to gather ’round for enjoyable and relaxing nights by a crackling bonfire. So, don’t forget to pack those marshmallows because you might just need them during Siquijor’s chilly nights. With the addition of these fire rings, camping in Siquijor becomes an entirely new and captivating experience, blending adventure with comfort and warmth.


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