Hobbit Huts in Siquijor

When one mentions a “Hobbit house,” what usually comes to mind is the Lord of the Rings franchise with its scenic location, the Hobbiton movie set in New Zealand. Meanwhile, Siquijor also has some more exciting stories to tell. While New Zealand holds the original Hobbit houses, Kamp Aninipot plans to build its own Hobbit-inspired huts in Siquijor. The holes are already carved out and are ready for the actual construction of the huts. Each “Hobbit hut” is designed for two occupants but could easily sleep up to three people.

The map below is not the “Middle-earth” according to J. R. R. Tolkien, but Kamp Aninipot’s little layout of Siquijor’s first family-friendly campground. You will see along the road fifteen “Hobbit huts” where campers and travelers can rest and enjoy the magnificent view of Siquijor Bay.

Map Kamp Aninipot


Our “hobbit huts” have fire rings for our guests for an enjoyable and relaxing evenings in front of a bonfire. So, get your marshmallows ready because you might need them during Siquijor’s chilly nights. Camping in Siquijor will finally be a totally different experience.


Kamp Aninipot Hobbit Hut with Campfire Pit

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