Siquijor is getting older!

In the next few weeks, Siquijor will celebrate its 45th birthday by virtue of Republic Act 6398 declaring Siquijor as an independent province on 17 September 1971. In modern times, Siquijor at age 45 is going strong and continues to grow because of its wonderful people and God’s given wealth of beauty. Siquijor is also in the best position to do well in this part of the country because of its central location in the Visayas region making traveling easy and convenient.

But Siquijor is actually not that young! When the Spaniards were allured by the eerie glow of the island illuminated by these mystical creatures called “aninipots” or fireflies it was in 1565. Yes, that was a long time ago. In fact, it was 451 years ago!

To this day, Siquijor continues to remain a welcoming community and great host to travelers from all walks of life. It is the warmth and glow exhibited by the Siquijodnons that continue to allure our modern-day travelers to visit, go camping or just simply explore this beautiful island.

Happy 451st birthday Siquijor!