Siquijor: Tour. Stay. Connect

Tour Siquijor

Although it is only getting a 50 thousand plus of the 3 million plus tourists visiting the region each year, Siquijor is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination in the Central Philippines as the new DOT (Department of Tourism) Chief is pushing to sell Negros Oriental and Siquijor to tourists. “What we want is to elevate the tourism industry in the region to a level that is equal across all provinces,” according to Department of Tourism Central Visayas (DOT-7) Director Catalino Chan III.

Where to stay in Siquijor

There are many resorts and lodging houses in Siquijor that can accommodate the demand of tourists visiting the island. Now, doubling the number of tourists coming each year is definitely good for the local economy and the announcement by the new DOT chief to promote the island is very much welcomed. From expensive resorts to places that cater to backpackers, the island is responding to this in a positive manner. You can also spend your night in these hobbit huts in a quiet and serene place with a perfect view of the ocean for a fraction of a price. Our campground also has a tent section where you can do tent camping or in our hammock section where you can just chill and relax.



Connecting with the locals

Siquijor has what we call it the  “Siquihodnon hospitality” which we believe remains true today. The island has great stories to tell and wonderful places to show. We encourage you to learn and know our people and you’ll be surprised how we’ve evolved. From a small island with architectural churches and convent (Lazi Church and Convent), it is amazing to consider the work force at the time these structures were built.

Find out a reason or two on why we are called the Mystique Island, and if you happen to know one please feel free to share it here with us.