Five Great Reasons to Explore Siquijor

There’s no doubt that the Philippines is a great place to visit and explore, if not to retire. This country is very rich in history, much richer in natural resources, and super rich in its human resources – its people,  the Filipinos! This is a very gifted country and if you want to see it in person, we would like you to visit the Philippines and make Siquijor island one of your destinations. Here are five good reasons why.

Mystery – there are so many stories about how Siquijor came to be, but they are equally intriguing. The fireflies or “aninipots” – Isla de Fuego story and the King Kihod – “Sikihod” to Siquijor story. King Kihod, according to our legend, was the ruler of the island who told the Spanish travelers about his name. Language barriers and the inability of the Spaniards to pronounce “si Kihod” gave birth to the name Siquijor.

But if you want more excitement, experience the Siquijor Healing Festival during the Holy Week and immerse yourself in the richness of this practice and ask the question, “Why are the people of Siquijor known to be great healers?” Is it magic or is it faith in something? Or is it both? Yes, it’s a mystery.

Beaches – this island is surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches. Salagdoong Beach is one of them. And if you’re looking for some adrenaline rush this is definitely a great place to visit and jump off the concrete platform down to the clear blue water 30 ft below. In fact, you can drive around the island and you’ll find resorts lined along the coastal road especially along the towns of Lazi-San Juan-Siquijor-Larena. These resorts also have tour packages if you’re interested in snorkeling or scuba diving.

Port of Siquijor Beach

Nature – there are a few places to visit if nature is one on your list. You can go spelunking at Cantabon Cave, get your feet tickled at the Balete Tree fish spa, cool-off at Cambugahay Falls or at La-gaan Falls in Lazi. Siquijor is ideal if you just want to get away for a day or two, and a perfect island to visit because of its size.

La-gaan Falls (photo taken from La-gaan Facebook Page)

Architecture – for a small island, we take pride in our old churches and convent. Worth visiting would be San Isidro Labrador Catholic Church. In fact in 2012, the National Museum of the Philippines declared this church as a National Cultural Treasure.

People – just like the rest of the Philippines, the people of Siquijor – the Siquijodnons- are very hospitable, simple, and peace loving people. We have what we call, “Siquijorian hospitality” and we hope that during your stay we are able to make you feel it in our own little ways.

Wave Watcher

Did we mention food? No, we didn’t, but if you are the first person to share this article and happens to be in Siquijor, just let us know and we will buy you a “halo-halo.”