First 1km XC Trail Challenge Race Results

Here’s the result of our First Cross-Country (Mountain Bike) Trail Challenge. We are hoping that this will serve as an inspiration especially our local riders to use these times as they set their own goals and be ready for the next XC Trail Challenge in the future.

So, pick a time and set your goal and do some laps.


We are also creating KA Riders Cluba free-membership club to all of our riders. Those who participated in our first race are automatically qualified as members if they wanted to do so. To all other riders and friends who would like to join, please use this link to register or you can sign up directly at the campground.

Benefits of being a registered member:

  • FREE use of mountain bike trail
  • Possible full/partial sponsorship to racing events
  • Discounts to events organized by the campground

Come and join us here at Kamp Aninipot for fun and to stay fit.