Meet our New Hobbit-inspired Hut

Apu_HutLadies and gentlemen, meet APÚ. One of the few newer huts in Barrio Hobbit located here in the hills of Tacdog, Siquijior. APÚ, according to the legend is a good friend of King Kihod. He hails from the north, in the mountains of Ifugao where the famous rice terraces are located like the Banaue Rice Terraces and other neighboring rice terraces in the province.

APÚ was an expert builder and served as a consultant to King Kihod in the earlier days of rebuilding his kingdom. It is not clear if the island near Siquijor called Apo island was named after him but it was certainly believed that APÚ would hang-out in that island to observe how the rebuilding of King Kihod’s kingdom was progressing.

We named this hut after him because we believed he was a great contributor to the rebuilding of King Kihod’s kingdom. So, if you’re looking for a cool and affordable place to stay in Siquijor without breaking your bank, come to see APÚ at Kamp Aninipot.

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