Spend more time in Siquijor, NOT money

We all love to travel and explore new places. We all read about how bloggers & backpackers do it and how they travel around the world for the whole year. But that’s them, most of them are single, very organized, and a few are making a few bucks while enjoying the thing they love to do.

Okay, let’s not go very far. We’ll talk about this tiny island called Siquijor and how to enjoy it more without spending a fortune. And it’s true, what’s preventing most of us from traveling especially those with children is its COST! We have to think about these three main things: (1) transportation (2) accommodation (3) food.

  1. Transportation – if you own a vehicle, you can take it with you via RORO and that should save you money easily once you get to the island since you don’t have to hire a vehicle. This works well for families or large groups. Your next best option is to rent a motorbike if you know how to safely drive it. For families or groups there are van rentals, a little costly compared to ordinary non-airconditioned jeeps or tricycles.
  2. Accommodation – if you know someone in the island and is willing to let you stay at their house, the better. We don’t recommend just pitching a tent anywhere for some reasons. There are resorts, backpackers’ places, home-stays, and campgrounds or camping sites.
  3. Food – there are many places in the island where you can eat, especially along the San Juan-Siquijor- Larena coastal road highway with most of them concentrated in the San Juan- Siquijor areas. Although, the island now has a lot of restobars or restaurants popping up along its circumferential road. In the town of Siquijor for example, its boulevard and the streets close to the market area have vendors in the evenings selling BBQ’s and hanging rice. You can also buy some fish or meat in the market and grill your own food for free if you happen to stay or visit our campground.

Siquijor is not that big and you can easily visit lots of places in a day but if you can save a few bucks in those three items we mentioned above then you’ll be able to take your time and really enjoy exploring our island. Maybe a trek to Mount Bandilaan will now be possible and many other island attractions.