3 Hobbit-inspired Huts Got an Upgrade

We are pushing the limits of camping, backpacking, and glamping in Siquijor that even Bilbo Baggins might get jealous. That is right. We have installed air-conditioning  units to 3 of our huts to make your stay in our campground a little “cooler”  especially to those not used to our warmer weather. This is also in response to our guests’ feedback who asked us to offer it as an alternative to a regular hut with fan.

AC Huts

Even at a few hundred pesos more than a regular hobbit hut, this is still very reasonable compared to some accommodations in the island. We are offering this unique experience to our locals and weary travelers alike a great place to rest and be with nature. We are giving backpackers an opportunity to go glamping in Siquijor.