Siquijor Tree House

This is for the inner kid in all of us! From hobbit huts, hammocks, and tents, we added a new and awesome place for you to chill – just in time for you to enjoy Siquijor’s beauty this summer. Constructed on a gentle slope along the campground’s service road facing Apo and Negros islands, this is the one spot you wanted to be when the sun kisses the earth’s horizon goodnight. But the excitement never stops there, for this tree house welcomes the vibrant lights of Dumaguete and Siquijor Boulevards from a distant. Summer getting too hot? Not particularly in this part of the island,  the gentle cool breeze from Bohol Sea sweeps across the hills of Tacdog making it so comfortable and even a little bit cold in the evenings. You may wanna bring a sweater or a light jacket.

And as you retire through the night, you will experience Siquijor’s beautiful dark skies filled with sparkling bright stars through the tree house’s big glass window and door. This simple tree house has the most basic of amenities you can find, we however promise you a panoramic view of the island – and that’s no basic! This is your escape from the daily grind. Come and visit our campground or call now to book.


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