Becoming a Hobbit House

In the past few weeks we have been busy thinking of ways to make a hobbit’s life a little bit more comfortable. You our friends continue to inspire us to do more and be more creative. And because of that motivation, we built Ynika. Ynika is our hut number 13 but is now becoming more like a hobbit house, equipped with a private toilet and hot/cold shower and an AC unit. She takes the number 13 spot and that means something special. We will have a short story about that soon.

Tacdog Hills is nothing but perfect for a magnificent view of the island and this new hobbit house is positioned so well for you to enjoy nature at its best. This part of Siquijor is growing and Kamp Aninipot is working hard to build our version of New Zealand’s hobbiton with Siquijor’s mystical twist.

So, next time you visit us up here, stay even just for a night and experience a very relaxing and serene place for you to recharge and rejuvenate. Ynika is waiting for you!