Siquijor will survive and triumph vs Covid-19

This virus is not going away so soon and may linger a little bit longer than expected and potentially come back next year. It disrupted lives already by the millions beyond our imagination. As an island with very limited resources, Siquijor is forced into a corner and is in a very disadvantaged position.

Siquijor’s primary economic driver is tourism. With the lockdown and safety measures necessary to control the spread of the virus, the island’s economy is struggling as many workers are displaced by the shut down of many businesses especially those heavily dependent on tourism.

Many years ago pre-tourism time, Siquijor was a very quiet and self-sustaining island. Life was very simple. As the island slowly gain its popularity, people began to notice and turned the island into one of the best destinations to visit in the country.

The biggest question now is how to recover from this just like the rest of the world. The size of the island could be a blessing and an advantage that we can use in our favor. Healthcare facilities like hospitals and nursing homes around the world are able to combat the spread of an illness through “isolation” to break the chain of infection. Applying that very the same principle may work and divide the island into segments or zones. For example- create a “Tourist Zone” or a “Go Zone” and “Non-Tourist Zone” or a “No-Go Zone”. This “Tourist Zone” can be further divided to protect local workers in the island.

We are practicing social distancing already and observing safety protocols. So, we know a little bit now on how to protect ourselves and others. We believe our island can beat and triumph against this virus if we plan strategically and think like a big healthcare facility.

We can do this Siquijor! Share this article and share your thoughts. Get involved. We are strong and we are #SiquijorStrong!