Siquijor Island: Land of Healers and Hobbits?


Every year Kamp Aninipot will celebrate INTERNATIONAL HOBBIT DAY to join the fun and excitement with fellow hobbits around the world on this special occasion. 

Our first attempt to was on the 22nd of September 2021 while most of the world was still on lock down. We were supposed to announce the winner of our “Virtual Dress Like a Hobbit Competition” based on most “likes” on Facebook. Our winner was supposed to win Php 3,000 and a free stay for two nights in one of our hobbit huts. And the best part of it, was an invitation to our 5th year anniversary where we will celebrate like a hobbit! Acoustic band, food, and games. This will be an intimate and private event for our friends. However, this didn’t materialize and our attempt on September 22, 2022 was also not a success.

The Hobbiton Village in Matamata, New Zealand is about 7, 525 kilometers away from Siquijor where our campground is located in the Philippines, an island known for so many things like sorcery and black magic, a mystic island, among other things but we are also best known for its people, white beaches, pristine waterfalls, and as the healing island of the archipelago. By any stretch of imagination we are not trying to compare ourselves with them but we thought that it would be fun to run some kind of a story based on Siquijor’s very rich history and mystery.

But we are not going anywhere, and this coming September 22, 2023 we are ready and hereby commit ourselves to make this a reality. With people beginning to travel again and the pandemic ending we are confident that we can finally enjoy this special occasion in celebrating INTERNATIONAL HOBBIT DAY!

We are excited about this and we hope you are too! We ask you to be a part of this community and have fun celebrating this special day with the rest of the hobbit world. We hope to see you at the campground in person this September 22, 2023.  


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