A place to camp in Siquijor


Up in the hills of Tacdog, Siquijor is a place built for camping and other camping related activities. This is Siquijor’s first campground and we are committed to make this place a welcoming place for travelers who wanted to visit and enjoy the island. It has a mountain bike and walk trail that is now open to the public for a 10.00 pesos entrance free.

We are now accepting reservations for your stay especially for our hobbit huts.  We have 30 plus tent pads for guests who prefer to stay and camp in tents. While a lot of visitors in the island stay on the island’s resorts which are usually costly or camp by the beach, we would like to offer Kamp Aninipot as a great option especially those who would like to experience and explore the mountainside. We are very accessible by a car or motorbike.

We are the backpackers dream and we would like anybody to come and visit us to witness our sunsets. They are just amazing! Like this one from one of our guests. Sunset Giant Picture Frame @KampAninipot.jpg

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